Job Interview Guarantee

TEFL Job Interview Terms and Conditions

Job Interview Guarantee Terms and Conditions

The entirety of these Terms and Conditions applies if:

  • You have graduated from your TEFL Level 5 Diploma (RQF) or TEFL Level 5 Advanced Diploma (RQF) course as sold on 
  • You have contacted us through your course account requesting assistance in getting an interview and cited the Job Interview Guarantee on contact 

 Information about the Guaranteed Job Interview 

  • If you meet the above requirements, we’ll offer advice and direct you to appropriate employers on jobs boards so that you can secure an interview. This will involve multiple communications and applications. 
  • You will need to be flexible towards employers and opportunities we suggest for you – specific locations cannot be guaranteed 
  • You should make changes based on our advice, and submit the applications we recommend for you 
  • You will need to update us on the status of your applications. We expect an update from you at least monthly once you have started job hunting 
  • If, after 6 months from your initial contact, you haven’t been successful in securing an interview you will need to contact us through your account to request a refund for your course. In order to process your request we’ll ask for the following information from you: 1) Evidence of applications made to each employer and responses received. 2) We’ll also make contact with employers directly to follow up on your applications 
  • Should the TEFL job market be negatively affected by an uncontrollable disaster/epidemic then the period required to secure an interview may be extended